Monday, February 24, 2014

Temporary outage of Tallassee TV web site

is now

Just in time forTigers Baseball

Let everyone know to use so they don't miss a second of the Tigers baseball.
Hopefully, it is only temporary. I expect to have it sorted out in a few days

Once everything is working this page will get you back to the dot COM site.

Be sure that you bookmark

 The old URL, might come up at any time. but Google has so far only told me that it will take either 5, 19 or 45 days to correct the problem.

I've been on the phone with Google, eNom and GoDaddy support all weekend and 16 hours today. They seem as stumped as I am, but, rest assured we will get it straightened out. and hundreds of other sites seem to be suffering from the same problem..

Please be patient. The video,audio and chat should all be working on the dot NET page but some of our blogs and other features may not work till we get the .COM site back up.

 Bob Grosh
TallasseeTV Producer

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